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  • How much does it cost?
    Virtual Tours are an economical alternative to other marketing and advertising expenses as it involves a one-time fee, without any monthly or recurring charges. Packages for small premises start at $199. To learn more or schedule a free consultation with a Google Trusted Photographer, please reach out to us. We strive to keep our prices competitive by eliminating the need for follow-up payments. One time payment, permanent advertising.
  • What measures are in place to ensure privacy and legal compliance?
    Our Google Trusted Photographers can exclude any portions of your business that you prefer not to showcase. To maintain privacy for customers and employees, all individuals in the store are alerted before any photos are taken. The business owner can also request specific areas to be blurred (such as security cameras, confidential documents, faces of employees and customers, etc.). We also ensure that any vehicle license plates captured are blurred and cannot be identified. The full Google Maps photo and video policy can be accessed here.
  • Where can I showcase my tour?
    Google Street View Trusted is a component of Maps, allowing you to embed it into any web page that supports HTML, as well as social media platforms like Facebook, and your website.
  • Will there be any disruption to my business operations?
    We conduct all our photoshoots with minimal disruption to your business operations. You have the choice of whether your business is open or closed during the photoshoot. Whether it's day or night, busy or quiet, we work with complete consideration for your business's needs.
  • How should I prepare my business for the photo shoot?
    To ensure the best results, please turn on all lights and present the space as you would like it to appear before our arrival. The goal of the tour is to provide customers with a realistic view of what they would experience if they were to visit your business on a typical day.
  • What is the duration of the process?
    The time required for the photo shoot can range from as short as 45 minutes for a small business to several hours for a big location, depending on the number of camera setups and the extent of your space.
  • Can I take the pictures myself?
    While business owners can upload regular still photos directly to their Google MyBusiness page, Virtual Tours produced by Google Trusted Photographers have greater reach across various Google properties and are labeled with Google's "Street View" markers.
  • Does my tour need to be updated frequently?
    Some businesses periodically update their Virtual Tour to reflect changes in store layout, design, or new merchandise. Update your tour within a year to receive a 30% discount! Virtual Tours remain accessible until you decide to update or remove them.
  • How do Street View Virtual Tours show up on Google?
    Potential customers will be able to see images linked to your Virtual Tour when searching for your business on Google Search or Google Maps.
  • What is a Google StreetView virtual tour?
    A Google Street View Virtual Tour is a feature that provides a 360-degree panoramic street-level view of a location on Google Maps. It allows users to virtually walk around and explore an area as if they were actually there. It is typically used to showcase businesses, tourist attractions, and other public places. The virtual tour is created by capturing panoramic images of a location using specialized 360-degree cameras and then stitching the images together to create a seamless, interactive experience. This allows people to explore a location from the comfort of their own homes, or from anywhere in the world, by using Google Maps on their computer or mobile device.
  • Are there any discounts?
    Yes! We provide discounts to customers who want to update their tour regularly, such as to reflect changes in store layout or seasonal merchandise. If you have additional branches or would like to coordinate with neighboring businesses, we offer The Multiple Business Discount for booking multiple tours at the same time.
  • What are the benefits to my business and how does it work?
    Well, not only does it look good, it also gives you the chance to rank higher on google search. Adding rich content, such as a Virtual Tour, increases the amount of time viewers spend on your listing, which signals to Google Analytics that your listing should be ranked higher than those of local competitors in your industry. Our process involves using six 200-degree lenses, which are merged into a single 360-degree rotational view that provides a realistic and beautiful tour of your business. We then edit the images to create a natural walk-through experience. These photos will provide a clear view of your storefront and interior, giving potential customers a better understanding of your business's layout, decor, and overall look.Click here to see some examples. When someone searches for your business on Google, they will see images linked to your virtual tour right on the search results page. Plus, the tour will also be available on Google Maps and Maps Mobile without any additional charge. Maximize the impact of the virtual tour by embedding it on your website or sending links to specific areas of the business to highlight a product or display.
  • When will my virtual tour be available online for viewing?
    Typically, virtual tours become live within 2-6 days after the photoshoot. We conduct a quality control check on all photos to maintain our consistently high standards. Please keep in mind that the full tour with GPS arrow guides may not be instant and may take 1-2 weeks to be established.

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